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The concept of a “Servant Leader” has a long history going back thousands of years and is documented very similarly in many cultures, most notably in the Bible in Mark 10:42-45.  In modern times, it was made popular in the 70’s by Robert Greenleaf when he published an article called “The Servant as Leader”.  There are a multitude of books on the subject, but basically it deals with the motivation behind a leader.  Many leaders approach their position with a top-down hierarchical style of management.  They are in charge.  It’s their way or the highway.  Instead, servant leaders see it as their role to put the individuals in the organization first and choose to lead in order to serve, not to increase ones own power or title.  Servant leadership stresses collaboration, trust, and teamwork.  This is, however, a concept that has often gotten lost in the corporate world of politics and ladder-climbing.  A servant leader sees it as his/her responsibility to enable the success of his/her team by promoting the growth of the individuals on that team.  It is such as simple concept and has a centuries long track record of success, yet seems all too rare in today’s Corporate world.   The hurdle is over coming the one-up-manship that tends to drive trust out of a culture.   Organizations that promote teamwork and encourage collaboration will have teams of employees that trust one another, which in turn, work more efficiently.  In today’s economy, anything that improves efficiency warrants some attention.  A company that can develop this type of culture also has happier employees, which means less turn-over and the reduced cost of replacing those employees.   All in all, sounds like a no-brainer.


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