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It seems that in a corporate environment, there are three outcomes to the many different management styles that result in training employees behavior.

Chaos ensues with a very loose management and lack of accountability. Employees march to their own drummer. All of them may mean well, but like a in a rowboat, rowing in different directions gets you nowhere. Standards are non-existent the problems run rampant. These employees need direction.

Fear is an obvious one to spot. These emloyees have been trained through painful experience that sticking your neck out gets it chopped off. Usually as a result of an authoritarian manager, these employees do not innovate or think outside the box because mistakes are not tolerated and you can’t be creative with new solutions without making a few mistakes. So things don’t improve and everyone spends most of their time making defensive or protective moves.

The middle ground here is where you want your employees to be, empowered. These employees have a clear direction and standards to follow, but aren’t afraid to question current practices. The mind set should be Continuous Improvement. No matter how things are done today, there is always a better way. These changes to process and standards have to be implemented using a very deliberate and documented approach, but pointing out issues should be rewarded. You can’t improve if you don’t identify the problems.

No company is just one of these, but a mixture. You can spot these traits in individual departments and the managers method of management is probably the root cause. Unfortunately, the higher you go up the management chain, the more political things become. Jockeying for advantage becomes the focus and the employees that do all the work, don’t get the support they need. These traits get embeded in the culture and are difficult to change because trust is earned over time and people don’t change behavior unless they can trust the response.


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