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I was reading an article yesterday about the new Intel Xeon 5500 chip and how it was designed to run virtual machines more effiiciently.  If this advancement plays out in reality the way it does in theory, it could change the industry and make the “Cloud Computing” concept a reality.  Entire data centers could be run from a couple of racks of equipment.  For me, the lightbulb really went on!  If users truly run all their apps from SAAS vendors like Google apps that run completely from the web, and store all their documents and digital pictures on web storage, then why do they need a computer?  All consumers will need is a browser interface to the web.  All the new gaming systems can connect to the web.  Why not add an interface to your TV?  Thinking this was a concept for the future, I did a quick Google search and found out that Sony is releasing internet video-ready TV’s that can access web content without a computer.  OK, I guess I am not such a visionary.  In my lifetime, I have watched stereos systems get replaced by Ipods and docking stations.  I have seen records evolve into cassette tapes, CD’s, then all digital media.  Next we may see the “end of days” for computers.  We’ll only need portable devices and our HDTV’s.  It’s a good time to be alive 🙂


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