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Most organizations recognize that their Project Management maturity is not what they would like it to be.  They may even have a vision as to where the organization should be for successful implementations.  After all, noone really questions the fact that increased project management maturity improves the odds of project success.  The problem is often not with the identification of the problem, but with implementation of the solution.  The typical response to solving this problem is to dive into PMI, Six Sigma, or CMMI and start creating mountains of methodology, processes, and templates.  All of these methods are very valuable if implemented wisely, but frustrating and distracting if implemented poorly.  The first step in maturing an organization is to validate and document the “As-Is” model.  Knowing how things are done today is required because you can’t measure improvement if you don’t know where you started.  Also, going from a very immature organization to an optimized maturity focussing on continuous improvement is not one step up and should not be attempted in one step.  Organizations need to understand that process and maturity changes are best accomplished through baby steps!  The hidden gotcha in these improvements is the company culture.  To improve process and mature management, the culture has to change and culture change is like manuevering an aircraft carrier.  It takes careful planning, persistence, and time. Planning to make drastic changes in methodology in a short time period can be mandated by upper management, but saying it and doing it is not the same thing.  Another factor in this challenging endeavor is the motivation of the employees.  If they do not see the benefit of the changes being made, it just seems like busy work to them.  Good employees don’t like busy work.  They like to be productive.  Small, deliberate changes pin pointed to show success can motivate people to get on the bandwagon and look for opportunities themselves.  These improvements can happen and do happen, but don’t fool yourself into thinking they happen overnight.  Remember, baby steps!


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