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Do you ever come to the conclusion that Project Management is not taken serious in the corporate IT world? I see many IT projects that have PM’s assigned, but they are not trained as Project Managers, nor do they have a background in project management. In these cases, they are usually Development Managers or Business Analysts who are given the responsibility of managing a project. It’s almost treated like project management and staff management are the same skillset. I don’t blame these managers. They usually have full time jobs andpmjuggle1 are expected to manage the project (or projects) off the side of their desks. It’s somewhat demeaning to the profession. It’s like an unwritten fact that Project Management is not difficult. From what I have seen, they do not aspire to be PM’s, or even want to learn how. I suppose someone has to do it and there are no PM’s on staff in the group, so the Dev Manager is elected. I think it comes down to the culture of most companies not truly understanding the value of a good Project Manager. PM’s are not just note takers, paper pushers, or administrators. In fact, a good PM can make the difference in a project being successful or not. As an industry, IT is still pretty new and could take some lessons from the construction industry. I have heard the argument about whether project management is a skillset or a profession. I think it is both. The professionals who take it seriously and truly learn the craft often become invaluable. The ones who just do it because they are told to, will get by I suppose.


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